How do we get to a digital space for Europe that protects fundamental rights rather than undermines? That fosters democracy rather than polarises? That puts the citizens at the heart of innovation?

Last week, Alliance4Europe, together with Project for Democratic Union and MEPs Paul Tang, Damian Boeselager, and Sandro Gozi, hosted the summit of our series on redesigning the digital space in the European Parliament.

Some of the key takeaways:

– Regain Personal Data. Individuals must be given sole agency over their personal data, with the ability to control, revoke and audit access, facilitated by having a choice of secure and interoperable storage and governance options for their data.

– Bridge the gap between citizens and tech. Safety and transparency must become central to design, guided by continuous, hands-on citizen participation that’s diverse and inclusive of the margins.

– Funding tuned to digital. New forms and blends of faster funding are needed to accelerate today’s tangible success stories into long-term sustainable models, together with building the necessary environment and expertise to effectively deploy funds.

Excellent to welcome Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of ProtonMail, and Chris Worman, Co-Founder of the Connect Humanity fund as keynote speakers.

The Hackathon marked the peak of the Exit Platforms series of workshops, which has brought together more than 140 actors from civil society, business, academia, media and EU institutions to form an encompassing approach to the problems of current digital platforms.

Organised with support from the European Cultural Foundation.

Look out for the full report on the series, out soon!